The differentials of the Fast fastener line are in the small details. The improvement of the drill bit geometry, Fast Point, allied to the mechanical resistance characteristics are perceived with the gain in performance, decrease in worker fatigue, and considerable decrease in assembly time, with safety. These gains translate into an excellent cost-benefit relation which, added with the response of resistance to corrosion in severe environments by the RUSPERT coating, makes easy the decision for the use of fasteners from the Fast line.

The RUSPERT coating presents a high-standard performance to oxidation and weather effects in highly corrosive environments, such as marine and industrial environments. This resistance is achieved by the interaction of multiple layers of coating that act in a synergistic form, creating a consistent barrier and preventing corrosion. In Salt Spray trials, we achieved minimum resistance values of 1500h for red corrosion, contemplating a minimum of 20 resistance cycles for the Kesternich trials.  

Used in steel and aluminum tiles of metallic structures, the cover tile or sheet and the structure profile are drilled in a single operation. The screwing is done immediately after drilling, performed until the necessary tightness is reached. The tightening must ensure that the washer is pressured enough to seal against water penetration. We recommend the use of screwdriver with electronic speed variation (Speed 0-1.800rpm; Axial application strength: 100 to 150 N).

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