The principle of innovation as a strategic element for development


Carlos Rodolfo Schneider

Bachelors and Masters´ degree in Business Administration from Business Administration School of Sao Paulo at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV - EAESP), today he  directs the H. Carlos Schneider group, made up of the companies: CISER Parafusos e Porcas, CISER Automotive, Hacasa Empreendimentos Imobiliários, Intercargo Soluções Logísticas, Agropecuária Parati, RBE, and FCF.
While president of the Entrepreneurial’s Association of Joinville (ACIJ - Associação Empresarial de Joinville), where he served from 2009 to 2011, Carlos Rodolfo Schneider launched the Movimento Brasil Eficiente, on a national scale. The initiativeseeks to stimulate the efficiency of public management, the reduction of the tax burden, and the simplification of the tax system. By March of 2012, it had registered the participation of more than 130 business and non-business entities across  the country, as well as intellectuals and governments. Carlos Rodolfo Schneider also launched the award called Municípios que Fazem Render Mais, with the purpose of identifying and recognizing the cities that stand out in terms of growth, evolution, and making the best use of the public resources. After encompassing in its first edition the three states of the southern region of Brazil, the award reached the Southeast in 2012, with the seal of the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (FIESP –  Federação das Indústrias de São Paulo), which recognized the merit of the most efficient city governments of that state. Among the other activities carried out by Carlos Rodolfo Schneider are those of the Honorary Consul of Colombia to Santa Catarina (1996 to 2003), directing president of Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina S.A. (Celesc), from 2003 to 2005, and president of the Administrative Council of Celesc (2003 to 2004).
In 2010, he received from the City council the designation of Distinguished Citizen of Joinville. In addition to being one of the national coordinators of the Movimento Brasil Eficiente, he is a member of the FIESP Higher Economic Council, the Strategic Forum of the Industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC – Fórum Estratégico da Indústria Catarinense), and the Political and Social Council of the Entrepreneurial’s Trade Association of São Paulo.


We focus on quality and innovation


To supply fasteners and metal components market, ensuring the customers and employees satisfaction, maximizing the economic value for shareholders and contributing towards the improvement in the quality of life.


To be a world-class solution in fasteners and metal components, being highlighted for reliability, flexibility and innovation.


Produce and market the best fastener and metal component solutions.


To be trustworthy: absolute commitment to the promises and expectations that are generated.

Be agile: Know how to discover and take advantage of the opportunities.

Act with integrity: Fairly, honestly and transparently.

Maintain simplicity: Avoid unnecessary complexity that paralyzes the company.

Be updated: Both with assets and processes.

Support staff: People are that are proud of the company, engaged and acknowledged, cooperating amongst themselves to achieve the goals.

Practice environmental responsibility: Act within the principles of sustainable development.