The shearing connecting pin, Stud Bolt Ciser, is responsible for the link between the steel element and the concrete slab in steel-concrete constructions. After the concrete curing, the steel deck plus the concrete form the structural element denominated mixed slab or mixed beam. The concretes are produced by CISER and comply with a strict quality, conformity insurance, and safety standard. 


These are pieces destined for civil construction for the assembly of mixed steel/concrete structures, especially in beams and slabs, using a steel deck.


The welding of the connector to the beam is done by electrofusion, extremely practical and fast process, using a special pistol controlled by a timer. A solid flux sphere embedded in the extremity of the piece, serving as deoxidizer and stabilizer of the weld arch. A ceramic ring with specific configuration is placed on the connector to outline the welding area.

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