The screws of the Superfixer line are applied in intermediate and heavy density woods. The line was developed to simplify the application of these products, and Ciser thought of all the details. This line dispenses the need for the pre-drill in almost every fixating situation. From the tip to the head, the Superfixer distributes a series of technical details that allow a new experience during the application of the screw. Take a look at the advantages:

It drills and forms the thread in a single operation. The special thread profile allows an application with less material displacement, minimizing the risk of cracking or expanding the wood. It reduces the tightening torque necessary for the perfect assembly. It avoids the lateral slip of the screwdriver, makes the assembly faster, and eliminates the risk of scratching the furniture. The detail of the ledges under the head allows the fitting with no material displacement, avoiding undesired cracks. 

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