Tenex is a fastening system for metallic structures that allows the exact and firm fit, with no excessive tightening or slack in the screwed joint. 

This fastening system, manufactured according to the ASTM F1852 norm, represents a great advance when compared to the conventional assembly systems. It is capable of developing a minimum pre-established tension, applying a certain torque to the nut at the same time as it applies an opposite torque to separate the grooved spine of the screw tip, using the appropriate equipment. 

The product is ideal for the application in general metallic constructions: buildings, bridges, industrial warehouses, and boiler structures. It is installed with an electric screwdriver, and the ideal tightening is reached when rupturing the cracked spike at the extremity of the screw (easy visual control process), hindering the excessive tightening, since the dimensioning of the shearing section is calibrated.

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